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Reinvent Commercial Real Estate Ecosystem

Powered by
Blockchain and Web 3.0

Tokenize, Invest in, Manage and Service CRE Assets through the REIKoin Ecosystem with disruptive commercial model that will benefits all CRE stakeholders.

Coming Soon

To Learn REIKoin, Request a Demo  or Discuss How to Join the REIKoin Ecosystem As Property Sponsors, Investors, Validators, and Service Providers. Please Contact Us. 


REIKoin is reinventing one of the largest asset class - commercial real-estate eco-system through Blockchain and Web3.0.  It will revolutionize the way how commercial properties can be tokenized, certified, listed, sold, brought and traded powered by Blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies.  REIKoin stakeholders including property sponsors, asset owners, title companies, property appraisers, investors, and etc will be rewarded with REIKoin governance tokens through participation and contribution to build a trusted ecosystem.   REIKoin will democratize the commercial property ownership through fractional ownership, increased market liquidity and improved productivity and transparencies. 

Why REIKoin

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